Why Us

Nuronz deploys only highly qualified and experienced EEG Monitoring technologists that integrate into the existing services of both Neurologists and EEG Monitoring companies and provide simplified, uninterrupted, and cost-effective intermittent EEG monitoring for your patients
We help your establishment reduce both administrative and labor costs be it a hospital, individual practice, or a related ancillary service company. Staffing and monitoring usually pose their own set of challenges and we provide efficient and convenient solutions to help counter them.

Mission Statement

Nuronz is committed to providing high-quality EEG intermittent monitoring services to healthcare facilities while integrating seamlessly into their existing setups and processes. Our goal is to offer EEG Monitoring services at a low cost while being compliant and adhering to Medicare guidelines. We aim to help healthcare facilities better serve their communities by providing EEG monitoring services that are:



Established by Professionals

Nuronz is established by a team of professionals with extensive expertise and proficiency in Neurodiagnostic Technology. Our focus remains on dedicatedly evolving high-quality Neurodiagnostic Services and making them accessible to your patients.

For Neurologists

We offer Intermittent Monitoring Services that integrate into your existing service line and uses your current EEG system, existing technicians, current billers, and EEG readers. Nuronz provides an overtly simple, round-the-clock intermittent monitoring service.
EEG monitoring is a labor-intensive process that requires abundant manpower with enriched technical expertise. This makes the monitoring process both HR extensive and also expensive. With the Nuronz EEG Monitoring service, we help you triple your revenues by seamlessly integrating into your existing processes and practices to provide top-of-the-line monitoring results.

For EEG Companies

‘Nuronz Exclusive EEG Monitoring services that are compliant with guidelines and eradicate the most difficult and labor-intensive part of the EEG process for you without compromising on quality, time schedules, and revenues. Nuronz’ to Nuronz integrates perfectly within your existing service and takes pride in doing just EEG monitoring but we do it to absolute satisfaction and perfection.’
Focusing on just one part of the EEG process allows Nuronz to be an ideal integrator with effective service delivery and expertise-backed quality. Our EEG Monitoring service provides SAS-based scheduling, SAS-based texting, and SAS-based documentation and reports upload.

We are ready to be set up & plugged in within 48 hours

The monitoring process is uninterrupted across the
72-hour duration

All for an extremely
competitive price

Intermittent Monitoring

Nuronz offers 24/7 monitoring solutions, including after-hours, weekends, and holiday coverage around the clock. Our technologists are scheduled to meet the intermittent monitoring patient-to-technologist ratio of 12:1, ensuring compliance with CPT code requirements.

This service also includes providing notifications to the provider selected if any issues arise during the duration of the study, keeping you informed and up-to-date on the status of your patients.


Nuronz has an independent team of experienced registered technologists who review and annotate all the significant findings from EEG Monitoring studies during our non-destructive editing process.
Once the study is completed, we provide a detailed technical report within 72 hours. This report includes all the relevant data and findings, as well as any additional information that you would like to see.

We also offer the ability to customize your technical report to include your preferred details, logos, or any other pertinent information.

ROI Calculator

To help you make an informed decision we are including an ROI calculator. This reflects the profit generated with our model.